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Keepin’ it Clean: How to clean your glass bong or pipe

Life anything else, after using a glass bong or pipe for a while, tar builds up on the inside, leaving you with a harsher hit and dulling the flavour of your weed. Keeping your gear clean is the best way to ensure a good experience, and make sure you can taste the true flavor of the strain you’re smoking.

Cleaning a glass bong or pipe is cheap and easy.

When do I need to clean my bong or pipe?

How often you’ll need to clean your equipment will depend on how frequently it is used. With moderate use, we typically recommend cleaning your bong or pipe once a week, but if you only smoke on occasion you can likely let it go much longer.

You’ll be able to tell your pipe or bong needs cleaning when it’s brown and full of tar. Basically, if you can’t see through the glass, it’s time to clean. And with bongs, if it’s hard to see the water, give it a good clean.

How to clean a pipe or bong

Cleaning a glass bong or pipe is easy. There are plenty of expensive cleaning kits out there, but many of them are overpriced and include unnecessary chemicals.

All you really need to clean your pipe or bong is:

- Isopropyl alcohol—70% works; 90% is best

- Coarse salt

If you don't have salt, that's okay - but it does help dislodge chunks of resin if you’re looking at a bigger clean job.

How to clean your bong or pipe:

  1. Pour out the water if it’s a bong.

  2. Pour alcohol and coarse salt into the piece

  3. Plug the holes and shake it for a minute or two

  4. Pour out alcohol/salt mixture

  5. Rinse with warm water to make sure no alcohol or salt are left

  6. Let it dry until it doesn’t smell like alcohol (usually an hour or so)

  7. Repeat if necessary

For tough, stuck on tar, let the piece soak in alcohol for a few hours or even overnight. You can also invest in a pipe brush and give it a good scrub after pouring out the alcohol.

If it’s a small enough bong or pipe, you can soak the whole thing in a container with alcohol and salt.

Note: Take care not to accidentally break your pipe or glass bong during a cleaning. While vigorously shaking it, it can be easy for it to slip out of your hands or hit the sink or countertop. Try laying down an old towel or rag on your countertop so that if it does fall, it has a softer landing.

Happy cleaning!

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