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What's a cannabis grinder?

A grinder is a special tool that helps break down cannabis into small, consistently sized pieces for rolling and smoking. This can also be useful for packing bowls in pipes and bongs for a more consistent burn.

Types of Cannabis Grinders

Grinders come in a variety of materials but are typically circular, allowing the rotating motion to break down the cannabis into smaller pieces.

Plastic grinders are less expensive, but they tend to break more easily. Some stores sell wood grinders, which are attractive, but can be difficult to clean and will hold on to odors for a longer period of time.

Metal grinders tend to be most expensive, but will last the longest.

Grinder Sizes

Grinders come in a variety of different sizes, usually ranging from 2” in diameter to 6”. What size is best? Small grinders are lighter and more portable, but you may have to do multiple loads to break down a nugget of weed, while larger grinders can break down more in one go and often offer more leverage. The downside to bigger grinders is that they can heavy and are less convenient for travel.

What Grinder do we Recommend?

Our favourite grinder is CannaCrush's four-piece 2" grinder, a state of the art grinder that features 28 specially designed aluminum diamond-cut teeth and 24 grinding holes (made from aircraft-grade anodized aluminum no less). This beauty is also scratch resistant and the lid is designed to stay in place with a neodymium magnet that also keeps the odour locked inside and maintains freshness.

What’s in a Grinder: How do grinders work?

The most common type of cannabis grinder is a four-piece metal grinder, which includes:

  • A lid with built-in teeth for grinding

  • A grind section - with teeth that work with the teeth on the lid and holes for the small chunks of weed to fall through.

  • A storage compartment that collects the weed as it is ground up

  • A kief catcher/screen where the kief is collected

How do you use a cannabis grinder?

Using a grinder is easy. To use a four-piece grinder:

  1. Remove all obvious seeds and stems from the chunk of cannabis you want to grind.

  2. Place the cannabis between the teeth of the grinder, between the lid and the grinder section.

  3. Replace the lid and twist the grinder to grind down the cannabis. 10 rotations is typically enough to grind a chunk down. You’ll feel resistance at first, but find it twists smoothly as the cannabis is processed and drops down into the chamber.

  4. Unscrew the grinder section and storage chamber to remove your ground up weed

  5. Use your freshly ground up cannabis however you like; roll it or use it in a pipe.

  6. Any leftover weed can be stored in the bottom chamber.

Don’t forget to Collect the kief from your grinder!

The act of grinding your cannabis will naturally lead to the separation of kief, which is an added bonus! To collect kief from your grinder, simply use a kief scraper. The tool looks like a small putty knife around the size of a fingernail, and often comes with your grinder. Add kief to the top of your bowl, press it into hash or infuse it into butter or oil.

How to clean your cannabis grinder

Over time your grinder will get sticky and as kiefy resin builds up. This can make it more difficult to rotate. Don't forget to occasionally clean your cannabis grinder to keep it working smoothly and prevent the mixing of odours.

To clean your cannabis grinder:

  • Rub it down with a cotton pad soaked in isopropyl alcohol and salt. The alcohol will help break down the stickiness while the salt allows for some scrubbing.

  • Try using a small stiff paintbrush or toothbrush to scrub and remove stuck on kief from the screen.

  • For very sticky jobs, try putting your grinder in the freezer. This helps make it easier to peel and pick kief off.

Have a grinder that you can't get clean? Maybe it's time to replace your grinder altogether for a better, smoother experience.

Have questions about grinders or anything else cannabis? We'd love to hear from you.

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